Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Surprise Snow brings March in like a Lion

5 inches of snow fell on February 28, 2009! Roland Thibault, our receptionist and photographer, took this photograph from the conservatory looking onto the south terraces. Fay Jones' gutterless overhangs often create beautiful icicles to view through from the Visitor Center. The Southern Magnolias are luxuriously green on their shady side and help complete the composition.
The late spring snow is nothing out of the ordinary and the largest snowfall of our season. All the spring bulbs already in bloom are safely insulated by this white blanket of nature's best mulch. By Wednesday (March 4) we expect it all to have melted and spring to be back on track with mild temperatures predicted for the latter part of the week. The spring bulbs will no doubt explode with this much needed moisture. Come check them out!

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